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Good morning, It's always morning somewhere. Hello there! Willkommen.
Welcome to my blog, I hope you find what you're looking for, whether that be good food or inspiration for good food (and if you accidentally arrived here, please stay :) )

My name is Aleks, I'm 16 currently. When I was old enough to sit on the bench I had my hands in a ball of bread dough. My dad used to let us smell the spices he'd use and we'd all pretend to sneeze. He then kneaded the dough while my brother and I made funny faces in the rounded sides of the bread bowl. Since then the dough has moved to my hair, my hands, my clothes. It changed into cake batters and sauces, then curries and noodles. What started with beating the eggs for mummy's cake turned into asking mum to peel the garlic for me (worst job ever). It's been a round trip, from disliking cous cous and eggplant to loving food in almost every way and a willingness to try almost anything.
I'm a sucker for rom-coms and gentlemen. And terrible music. I live off yoghurt and I have far too many cookbooks. I am under the impression that breakfast is possibly the best part of the day. That could change, but it's not likely to :-P
I love many things. Food is one of them. 
One thing: Don't rely on me. I am always late everywhere because I am cooking, this is now our secret :) My life is a messy kitchen, it's soundtrack a series of 80's songs interrupted by persistent oven timers. My mind is a clockwork of recipes and ideas, cluttered by maths equations and English presentations. My everything goes on hold for the demand of the kitchen, begging me to create, also the demand of my taste buds.
Here I hope you will find something to satisfy your taste buds whether it be sweet or savoury, indulgent or healthier, find happiness in food somewhere too, that's the whole idea, isn't it?

What's your fondest memory of food?

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